The reason I do what I do is simple. I love love! I know that sounds super cheesy, but I grew up as a hopeless romantic. OUR recent wedding was one of the prettiest days! Even though we got married at a beautiful venue in Wisconsin, at the end of the day, the photos is what will be your forever Home Screen.

I believe marriage is forever JUST AS are your wedding photos. Believe me when I say that I wish I could have taken my own wedding photos because trusting anybody (with such a life changing event) isn't easy. That's why I make sure to capture your perfect day with no details missed. I'll make sure to photograph YOUR wedding how I would have photographed mine!

Whether you want us to be your wedding photographer in Illinois, or you have a wedding in Milwaukee, we will always be here for you and have your best interest in mind!

hiiii, I'm Callie!

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PICTURE this- You're married. Cuddling on the couch binging Netflix under your weighted blanket and you notice the photo hanging on the wall past your partners head. Catching your eye. It's your favorite photo, bringing you back to 'that' perfect day. The huge smiles that you couldn't contain after being announced MARRIED for the first time. All of the tight embraces. All of the tears. You can almost smell the lake air again.

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over and over again

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Getting married in 2021 was SUCH an amazing experience, but looking back, I wish I would have done things differently. I love to help my couples with these decisions and show perspective from not only a photographer, but a recent bride!

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